Windbender Windshields - Don't Push it... Bend it
Electric Option - Side View
New Actuator
Electric Option - Full Up and Down Positions

Handlebar Switch and Housing

Switch Harness without Housing

NEW - Windbender Electric Adjust Option for Goldwing and F6B!

NOW - with planetary gear set for extended life.

Where you want it, When you want it!

Simple, Reliable, Very Effective!

Planetary Gear Set

Nearly Plug-n-Play Electric Adjust Option for the Windbender: Our new electric option can be added to any Windbender with minimal disassembly of your motorcycle. Our motor draws less than one amp of electric current, so you can plug it into your accessory circuit without the use of relays or extra fuses. It carries an IP54 rating; " waterproof to spray from all angles". It has built in limit and over-temperature switches. And it moves 24mm per second with 22.5 lbs. of force. Our new actuator, pictured on right, now uses planetary gears for a nearly 0% failure rate.

Adjust your Windbender for changing conditions, with the touch of a switch: With a full four inch stroke, you can put your Windbender where you want it, when you want it. Riding twisties? Put it down. Highway riding? Put it up. Raining? Put it even further down to let the wind blow the rain off your face-shield. Passenger? Put it back up. Traffic? Put it down for better visibility. Adjust it anytime you like, at any speed!

Tool-less top shield removal: You can remove the Windbender top shield by simply pulling the clevis pin from the top mount and lifting the shield out of the adjustment rails. We utilize spring-detent balls in our upper mount so there are no cotter pins to lose. No tools are required to change or clean shields.

Available with or without the handlebar switch housing: While we find it very convenient to mount our switch next to our left thumb on the handlebar, not everyone will want it there. Whether you are concerned about confusion with the horn button or relocation of the left hand-grip, or just don't want the switch on the handlebar, get the kit without the housing, save a few bucks, and mount your switch in any location you choose; we provide plenty of cable.

Warranty: Windbender electric option kits are guaranteed for one full year from date of purchase against defects or failures. Discount prices are available for replacement actuators that are out of warranty. To obtain the discount price, please supply either the original actuator or a copy of your sales receipt.

Please Note: We recommend setting up your Windbender in manual adjustment mode before installing the electric option. Drilling through the windshield is required. To accurately drill the holes you will need to know what adjustment heights work best for you and your riding style.

If your adjustment rails are set-up properly, the windshield with electric option can chatter slightly in downward motion while your motorcycle is at rest. This is normal and wind pressure while riding will keep it from doing so.

While installation of our new electric option is relatively simple; some general knowledge of working on your motorcycle will be helpful. A factory service manual may be useful but is not required. Read through the instructions to see what is involved.

Individual electrical components are available for additional shields, replacements or spares.

CB USERS: If you are using a CB radio, you will hear the DC induction motor (static) through your headset. This is normal. The amount of noise you hear or don't hear can be controlled by adjusting the squelch on your CB.

WARNING: Although your Windbender motor is waterproof to rain and gentle washing, DO NOT POWERWASH THE MOTOR!

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