Custom Auxiliary Fuel Tank for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing

QuickTank! was developed because I couldn't find a fuel cell on the market that did what I wanted, so I designed my own. It was such hit that I decided to make more. Now you can have one too!!!

Design Criteria:

QuickTank! holds right at 4.7 gallons (plus the 6.7 on board an 1800 makes 11.4 leaving 0.1 for the fill line) and are so sturdy you could easily stand on one.

QuickTank! passes inspection for the Iron-Butt Rally with flying colors. There is a ground lug welded to the bottom of the tank for easily attaching a ground-strap. A puke-tank in the vent line is not provided or required, but a loop in the line around an in-line bottle of some short would do well. A large fuel filter should do the trick and you could tuck it up behind the rear fender or strap it to the filler neck.

QuickTank! does include stainless mounting hardware and a chrome cap, but does not include plumbing. My choice for plumbing and sources are listed in a link below. Hardest part of the entire installation is removing your sending unit plate and installing the fill fitting.

QuickTank! has two internal baffles to stop sloshing and add strength. The tanks are powder-coated satin black (60% gloss).