Light Bracket Installation

GL1800 and F6B

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Preparing your auxiliary light wiring harness and planning its routing may save you from having to do this installation more than once.

These mounting brackets will accommodate lights up to 6" in diameter without modification.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the mirrors by first releasing the mirror boots.
  2. Stuff a rag in the open space around the bottom of each mirror if you have any doubts.
  3. Remove one 5mm x 12mm Phillips head screw on each side holding the dash corners in place.
  4. Remove the three 5mm X 20mm Phillips head screws per side that hold the mirrors in place. The mirrors can be swung forward and backward to allow access to the screws. You will find it easier to reinstall the mirrors if you leave them in the swung backwards position, so swing the mirrors forward to remove the top and rear mounting screws, then swing them rearward to remove the lower front mounting screw.
  5. Remove the mirrors making sure not to drop the dash corner stays down a black hole.
  6. There are several ways to modify your mirror boots to accommodate your new Auxiliary Light Mounting Brackets:
    A. Simply leave the boot lying on top of the Bracket.
    B. Cut a notch on the bottom of the boot to clear the Bracket.
    C. Cut a slit in the boot to slide over the Bracket. A guide for cutting is provided (see pdf version).
  7. If you temporarily install the brackets to check wiring clearances, do not use the long bolts provided as the extra length could damage something behind the fairing stay without the mirror mounts in place.
  8. Remove the mirror boots from the mirrors and follow the guide on the final page to make slits if you choose. Measure carefully and use a straight edge and a sharp knife for the best result.
  9. This is a good time to trim away any parts of the mirror boots where you want wires to run and test the clearance.
  10. Auxiliary Light Brackets fit between the mirrors and the fairing stay. Put the boots back on the mirrors and slide the Auxiliary Light Mounting Brackets through the slits in the mirror boots. Using the new 5mm x 25mm bolts and lock-washers from the kit, reinstall the mirrors with the brackets behind them and the small dash corner stays on the outside.
  11. Reattach the dash corners with the screws you removed earlier.
  12. Reinstall the mirror boots and plug in your new lights.