Spring Pin Installation

Retrofit or Replacement

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  • • Use only medium strength thread-locker.
  • • Do Not let thread-lock compound get on any plastic parts!
  • • Clamp the rail while drilling 3/8” or the rail will walk up the bit.

If you are replacing pins go to step 5.

This job is best done with a drill press and your female adjustment rails removed from the bike, but if you are feeling brave it is possible to use a hand held drill motor without removing the rails.

  1. Remove the female adjustment rails from your Windbender Base. The snap caps will come off with a small flat screwdriver and a #2 Phillips screwdriver will remove the screws.
  2. Mark the rail width centers on the flat side of the rails directly over the existing locating pin through-hole. Center-punch your marks and drill 1/8” holes square to the rail surface. Open the hole to 3/8”. Tap the holes to 12mm x 1.75p.
  3. Thread the hollow bolt into the newly tapped hole and snug it down with an 8mm hex wrench.
  4. Slip the spring over the collared pin and insert the pin and spring into the open end of the hollow bolt, threaded end first, while aligning the pin stop collar in the bolt slot.
  5. Put a drop of medium strength thread-lock in the nut or wipe the pin threads with a thread-lock stick.
  6. Push the pin and spring through the hollow bolt and thread the knurled nut onto the protruding end of the pin. Let the pin slide down into the bolt until the collar is engaged with the slot in the bolt and hand-tighten the nut. You may tighten the nut a bit more with a pair of pliers on a rag wrapped around the nut.
  7. Reinstall the adjustment rails on your base shield being careful not to over-tighten the mounting screws.
  8. Put four snap caps on the rail mounting screws and go for a long ride.