Windbender Installation

Harley Davidson FLHT 1996 to 2013

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  1. Remove the three windshield mounting screws along the fairing flange.
  2. Spread the fairing halves apart slightly to release the shield from the mounting bosses.
  3. Lift the windshield out and replace it with the Windbender Base Unit. Replace the mounting screws.
  4. Release the Locating Pins by pulling out the knurled nut and turning it 90 degrees.
  5. Slide the Top Shield rails into the Base rails. The Top Shield may need to be flexed slightly. Slide the Top Shield to its lowest position where the tops of the male and female rails are flush. Engage both Locating Pins by turning them until they spring into place. If necessary, slide the Top Shield until the pins locate in the rail divots.
  6. Loosen the four #10x5/8 screws that hold the two rails on the Top Shield. Jiggle the Top Shield to allow the rails to self-center. Lightly tighten the four screws.
  7. Put eight snap caps on the rail mounting screws and go for a ride.

Windbender Adjustment and Options Installation

Because no two rider/bike/gear combination is identical and everyone has different tolerances and expectations, we recommend that you adjust your Windbender (and add Options) in the following sequence. This sequence will help you find the most comfortable configuration for yourself and your passenger while allowing you to take full advantage of your Windbender capabilities.

Test your Windbender in its standard configuration before installing a Rake Kit or Electric Option.

Take your bike out for a ride starting at one of your “normal” slow speeds with Top Shield in it’s lowest positions and note if you can get a slight breeze on your forehead, if that is one of your goals. You may check to see how high air is flowing over your helmet at various speeds with a free hand to gauge how much you want to raise the shield. Ride at different speeds raising the Top Shield one notch at a time and check where the air breaks. The goal is to have the most comfortable ride possible while maintaining maximum visibility.

Please contact us if you experience any difficulty with installation or experience any problems with your kit.

If you cannot find a position that makes your ride considerably better than the stock windshield, you may want to try a different top shield. If you need the convenience of adjusting your shield while riding, add our electric option after you have found the range of settings that works best.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Release the retaining pins in the adjustment rails and the top shield can be removed for easy cleaning. You can clean hard-coated Harley Davidson Windbenders with anything, but be careful of sharp objects. The coating is highly scratch resistant, but not indestructible. A soft cloth and cleaners approved for acrylics (no ammonia) are preferred. There is no need to was a coated shield. The coating has excellent water shedding ability. To maintain easy adjustment, it is recommended to occasionally clean the rail sliding surfaces. To reduce sliding friction, you can coat the dovetails with wax or silicone spray.